A Familiar Name Wins Licenses in 700 MHz Auction

A familiar name in satellite circles came up big in the Federal Communications Commission's auction of 700 MHz spectrum, results for which were released Thursday.

Frontier Wireless, the entity associated with DISH Network, bid about $711 million on licenses, stated information on the FCC auction Web site. The locations of the winning licenses are varied, covering markets from Maine to California.

Some of the bigger markets covered in the Frontier licenses are Denver, Chicago, Cleveland, Washington and Baltimore, Miami, Tampa and Cincinnati, among many others, sated the FCC information. The licenses are in the E Block portion of spectrum.

Among the big winners is Verizon Wireless, which won all regional C Block frequencies required for a nationwide footprint. The company spent $9.63 billion on the licenses that contain open access requirements. AT&T won 227 licenses, all in the B block, paying $6.64 billion.

The FCC kept the identities of bidders under wraps as part of its auction rules. The names of companies participating in the auction, and their winning licenses, were released Thursday.

The 700 MHz spectrum promises to deliver next-generation mobile broadband services. The auction raised more than $19.5 billion, more than any other FCC auction.