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Cloak And Dagger
(1946) Fritz Lang spy thriller starring Gary Cooper as a mild-mannered American physicist who is sent on a mission into Europe to rescue a nuclear scientist.Next to Douglas Sirk, of all the refugees from Europe Lang adapted best to America and like Sirk found work in the studios initially attractive. This espionage story remains one of his most engrossing movies, despite Cooper who seems somewhat miscast and probably found Lang unsympathetic. He plays an atomic scientist drafted into spying in Switzerland then Italy towards the end of WW II to see how far Germany has advanced in atomic research. The great sequence is a tough fight conducted in silence, but there are other good things along the way, not least the enchanting Palmer and Polito's atmospheric photography.

The Frogmen
(1951) Powerful WW2 action-thriller centred on the exploits against the Japanese in the Pacific of the frogmen in an Underwater Demolition Team.The brave and daunting feats of World War Two underwater demolition teams are brought to life in this classic film, with Richard Widmark leading the way
In Hollywood, there are hard men and then there's Richard Widmark. Described by filmmaker Don Siegel as "the sort of man who could make you shit just by looking at you", Widmark might not have been lauded in the same fashion as Cagney, Bogart and Eastwood, but the star of Madigan, Night And The City and Kiss Of Death was every bit as tough as all of them.

The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw
(1959) Having inherited a failing gunsmith business, a quintessential Englishman (Kenneth More) decides that the real market for his wares is the Wild West.Having inherited a failing gunsmith business, quintessential Englishman Jonathan Tibbs (Kenneth More) decides that the real market for his wares is in the Wild West. And after falling foul of both Cowboys and Indians, he finds himself conned into becoming the law man in the lawless town of Fractured Jaw, in this spoof Western which also co-stars Jayne Mansfield.

Fantastic Voyage
(1966) A victim of an assassination attempt is injected with a miniaturized submarine, complete with tiny medical crew, to try and save him.Scientists try to save a diplomat dying of a blood clot via a miniaturising machine and a small submarine. Sci-fi fun starring Stephen Boyd, Donald Pleasance and Raquel Welch, and directed by Richard Fleischer
Fantastic Voyage On the face of it, Fantastic Voyage is an enjoyable piece of sci-fi fluff. The tale of a band of scientists - one a beautiful woman - who're shrunk to miniscule size then injected into the body of a dying man in order to provide a cure, it's no more credible than the mass of Roger Corman movies. So why is it then that the picture should have inspired a spin-off TV series, virtual remake - Joe Dante's Innerspace - plus memorable skits in classic animated television shows such as 'Futurama', ''Family Guy' and 'The Simpsons'?

Fantastic Four
(2005) Four astronauts sent out to investigate a cosmic radiation storm find their bodies changed to superhuman effect.The first family of superheroes finally make it to the big screen in this action-adventure starring Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba, Michael Chiklis, Chris Evans and Julian McMahon
If ever a Marvel comic deserved the utmost attention when being adapted for the big screen, it's 'Fantastic Four'. The 'Fantastic Four' is at the heart of Marvel's universe, both historically and in fictional terms. Writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby, the founding fathers of Marvel as we know it today, created the title in 1961. Its success revived the flagging company, and Lee, Kirby, and other collaborators such as Steve Ditko, went on to create such classic characters as the Hulk, Spider-Man, the Avengers and the X-Men.

Once Upon A Time in America
(1984) Brutal, elegaic and utterly compelling, Sergio Leone's sombre epic is one of the finest commentaries on the birth pangs of modern America.A truly magnificent piece of cinema. Brutal, elegaic and utterly compelling, Sergio Leone's sombre epic is one of the finest commentaries on the birth pangs of modern America
The third and final film in director Leone's notional trilogy of movies about the birth of modern America, which began with the iconic Once Upon A Time In The West and continued with A Fistful of Dynamite (which Leone later explained was originally to have been titled 'Once Upon A Time In Mexico').

The Common Touch
(1941) Geoffrey Hibbert plays an 18-year-old with a social conscience who takes control of the family's business and clashes with a corrupt manager.Teen tycoon Geoffrey Hibbert comes to the aid of the homeless in this surprisingly entertaining WWII social drama from Love On The Dole director John Baxter
Concerns about the gap between Britain's haves and have-nots are nothing new. John Baxter's noble social drama, The Common Touch, proves that. Made in 1941 (the same vintage as Love On The Dole - the director's finest work), it highlights the plight of the nation's homeless, castigates the corruption and greed endemic in big business and dreams of a socialist utopia.