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Thread: Microyal Chate

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    Microyal Chate

    Ya funciona Microyal 900/1200 con el bin AS-FM13.1F

    It working Microyal 900/1200 with the bin AS-FM13.1F

    miren y veran todo abierto

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    Question Re: Microyal Firmware

    bozomustafa_68, I have been trying to set up a Microyal MRX-1000. I have been searching and reading and as far I can tell the MRX-1000 will not work unless it has an updated firmware. I have tried the last firmware that I found on this site along with others and have tried softcam keys that you provide but still no luck. Am I missing something? I am using the EvilEyes Manager and the NeoBox Manager to load the bins and the channel list (which is for Charlie 119 and 110). I load the bin, put the channel list in order and then load the softcam keys. After that I connect MXR-1000 and do a sat search to see if any transponders have changed. I have done this from any possible way that I could imagine and still no luck. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    Talking Re: Microyal Firmware


    I have not tested it, but thank you for giving me hope!!

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    Microyal Chate

    Section For Microyal Chate

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