Centronics Introduces EHD Line of Cat5/6 Extenders to Solve Long Sistance HD Problems

EHD, a division of Centronics Inc. (Stevensville, MD), has created a new way of extending high definition signals. The EHD line of products includes several options to run up to 1080p signal longer then the fixed length HDMI cables are capable of. This includes single adapters, wall plates, multiple display units and matrix switchers.

All of these products were designed as a result of issues for getting good HD signals over long distances in both residential and commercial applications. Most installers and contractors are already familiar with and using Cat5/6, so this seemed to be a logical medium to use. Cat5/6 cable provides great flexibility and options when integrating several home theater components. All of EHD's extenders and splitters can push up to a 1080p signal 150 - 200 feet without compromising picture quality, simply using two Cat5/6 cables. The HDCA-210, which will handle multiple displays, and matrix switchers will be available in the summer of 2008. The HCT5 and HCE-2, single application extenders, are available now. Please go to www.centronics.com to see information on new and existing products.

EHD also makes a full line of HDMI, component, composite and optical home theater cables, as well as, amps switchers and wall plates. All EHD products are HDMI approved, HDCP compliant and rated to 1.3 specifications.