Film Four & Film Four +1 25-03-08.

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Chance of a Lifetime
(1950) Comedy drama about a group of workers who agree to swap places with their stressed factory owner, and take over and run the plant.Miles's blue-collar satire shows what happens when the workers at a plough factory, protesting at their low wages and appalling conditions, are given the opportunity to run the place themselves. Which all sounds like a dream come true (as typified by the title), until they begin to realize the pitfalls of management. It's a brave film, whose blend of comedy and drama doesn't always work, yet somehow its earnestness and effort to make a serious point about business hierarchy give it an edge that many homegrown efforts lack.

Sea Wife
(1957) Offbeat melodrama starring Richard Burton, Joan Collins, Basil Sydney and Cy Grant drifting on a life raft in the Indian Ocean.Four very different folk find themselves on a lifeboat following the sinking of a British cargo ship. Flashback-heavy war-time drama starring Richard Burton and Joan Collins
From starring in 'Dynasty' to cameoing in 'Footballers Wives' and banging the drum for the UK Independence Party - the embarrassments of Joan Collins's later career have masked the fact that, back in the day, she was one of Britain's biggest actresses. Just two years before headlining Sea Wife, Jackie's elder sister was summoned to Hollywood by the illustrious Howard Hawks to star in Biblical epic Land Of The Pharaohs. Sure, The Bitch and Empire Of The Ants might have dulled her luster but there's a good reason why some people still talk about Collins with something approaching reverence.

The Spy in Black
(1939) Classic espionage thriller starring Conrad Veidt as a First World War German submarine commander-turned-spy who is sent to the Orkneys.This vivid romantic drama, set in 1917, was the first collaboration between Powell and Pressburger, who completely revised a screenplay to accommodate substantial pressure from Veidt, then contracted to Korda. Hobson's star status was confirmed by her role as the ambiguous spy Frau Tiel, who accompanies a German captain on his mission to destroy docked British warships in the Orkneys. The ingenious fictional story was echoed when shortly after the film's release, during the Second World War, a real attempt was made to do just that. The film rightly proved a major success, thanks to inspired casting, a mesmerizing atmosphere and irony in the central relationship.

Bridge on the River Kwai
(1957) The true story of the superhuman efforts of Allied POWs, who amid inhuman conditions must build a bridge to aid the Japanese war effort.The true story of the superhuman efforts of Allied POWs, who amid inhuman conditions must build a bridge to aid the Japanese war effort - but what comes first, the bridge or Allied interests?
The Bridge On The River Kwai Director David Lean made his name with smaller, more intimate movies like Brief Encounter and Oliver Twist, but by the time of The Bridge On The River Kwai his epic cinema output was in full swing. The story takes place in 1943, in a POW camp in Burma, where the Japanese are building a railway line between Malaysia and Rangoon. Or, rather, where British Army prisoners are building it, amid conditions of utter brutality and slavery.

(2005) When Brendan finds the body of his ex-girlfriend Emily in a storm drain, he sets out to find out who was responsible for her murder and why.A high school student investigates the disappearance of his ex-girlfriend in this noir thriller from Rian Johnson. Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars
Brick opens at the scene of the crime, then flashes back to two days beforehand. High school loner Brendan Frye (Gordon-Levitt) is contacted by his ex-girlfriend Emily (De Ravin), who tells him on the phone that, "I screwed up real bad. I really screwed up," before muttering something about "the brick". "You've got to help me Brendan," she pleads. He manages to see her once, when she tells him to "forget about it". Then she disappears.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High
(1982) Amy Heckerling's riotous comedy about a group of Californian teenagers into malls, sex and rock 'n' roll (but definitely not school).Quaint early excursion into the high school genre written by Cameron Crowe and directed by Amy Hecklering. Stars young Sean Penn and Jennifer Jason Leigh
Based on an investigative book by then journalist Cameron Crowe, this film features the usual assortment of high school kids thinking about little other than how, with whom, when and where to get laid.

Devils on the Doorstep (Guizi Lai Le)
(2000) Wen Jiang's anti-war farce is set in a Chinese peasant village in 1944.During the Japanese occupation of China, a peasant is left to contend with two captives in this surreal tragi-comedy from Wen Jiang
Winner of the Grand Jury Prize and nominated for the Palme d'Or at the 2000 Cannes Film Festival, Devils On Your Doorstep is a brave but over-wrought film from Wen Jiang about the Japanese occupation of China during World War II.