Summer Olympics May Pain the Peacock

Olympic Omens? Let's face it: The International Olympic Committee didn't do the Peacock any favors when it selected China to host this summer's Olympic games. What with nasty smog reports, and even nastier human rights reports, this could shape up as the Year of The Olympic Boycott.

That's not good news for Olympic broadcaster, NBC Universal. The latest how-ugly-can-this-get news comes from the EU, which is reportedly mulling an Olympics boycott. The president of the European Parliament says that EU countries should consider an Olympics no-show if China doesn't cool its hardline attitude toward Tibet.

Would the EU actually follow through with this? Who knows. But Chinese authorities aren't exactly making the situation easier. Just last week they excoriated Tibet's Dalai Lama and followers as "an outright terrorist organization" and labeled U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi as "a muckraker of her own hypocrisy" for her support of Tibetan dissenters.