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Highly Dangerous
(1950) Comedy spy thriller starring Margaret Lockwood as a straight-laced scientist sent to discover a foreign state's warfare plans.Vintage British comedy thriller starring Margaret Lockwood as an entomologist sent behind the Iron Curtain. Roy Ward Baker directs from a script by Eric Ambler
This is an odd little film from some veteran British talents. Roy Ward Baker (Quatermass And The Pit) had started out at Gainsborough Studios, becoming assistant director to Hitchcock on 1938's The Lady Vanishes but only graduating to the top job after returning from the war. This break came through novelist Eric Ambler, who he'd worked under in army photographic units and who fixed Baker up to direct the adaptation of his own novel The October Man (1947). The pair would reunite for both Highly Dangerous and for 1958's Titanic story A Night To Remember, which won a Best Foreign Film Golden Globe.

The Frogmen
(1951) Powerful WW2 action-thriller centred on the exploits against the Japanese in the Pacific of the frogmen in an Underwater Demolition Team.The brave and daunting feats of World War Two underwater demolition teams are brought to life in this classic film, with Richard Widmark leading the way
In Hollywood, there are hard men and then there's Richard Widmark. Described by filmmaker Don Siegel as "the sort of man who could make you shit just by looking at you", Widmark might not have been lauded in the same fashion as Cagney, Bogart and Eastwood, but the star of Madigan, Night And The City and Kiss Of Death was every bit as tough as all of them.

Three Came Home
(1950) Powerful and fact-based drama starring Claudette Colbert as Agnes Keith.Four years after directing this powerful and humane film about life in a p.o.w. camp, Negulesco directed Three Coins in the Fountain, which proves his talent and virtuosity. Colbert is quite superb as the writer Keith who in 1941 tried to escape from Borneo, only to end up with her family interned and ill-treated in a Japanese camp. Based on her autobiography the film presents an unblinking portrait of the deprivations endured and the conduct of the 'jailers' and their rigid commander (Hayakawa).

Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe
(1991) Kathy Bates is perfectly cast as an overweight, repressed housewife who is befriended by quirky octogenarian Jessica Tandy.An aging woman's stories about a Southern girl's tough experiences growing up inspire a lady with assertiveness issues. American comedy-drama starring Kathy Bates, Jessica Tandy and Mary-Stuart Masterson
Fried Green Tomatoes On the face of it, Fried Green Tomatoes At The Whistlestop Café resembles any number of films about the deeds of one woman inspiring another to perform her own great feats. One doesn't have to examine Jon Avnet's debut feature too closely to discover what singles it out. While mutual appreciation is common enough in women's pictures, lesbianism is a less frequently encountered animal. It's the Sapphic aspects of Fried Green Tomatoes that make the film remarkable. Indeed, without them, there'd be an inescapable feeling that we'd seen this movie before.

The Transporter
(2002) After delivering an unspecified package to a villa in the south of France, US underworld transporter Frank finds himself hunted.After delivering an unspecified package to a villa in the south of France, US underworld "transporter" Frank finds himself hunted by both Triads and the law. Euro action adventure starring Jason Statham
Alright, so it's not up there with 'Gosh, that was a clever Jan De Bont film' or 'Blimey, Arnold Schwarzenegger was great as King Lear' on the scale of sentences you thought you'd never hear, but - you have to admit - the words 'Jason Statham is bloody marvellous in this film' are surprising.

Mr Nice Guy
(1997) The legendary Jackie Chan stars as a celebrity chef inadvertently dragged into the battle for incriminating evidence of a drug deal.A chef finds himself right in the soup when he encounters a news reporter with an incriminating videotape. Action-adventure comedy directed by Hong Kong veteran Sammo Hung and starring the Buster Keaton of kung fu, Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan wasn't a big star in the USA at the time he made Mr Nice Guy (aka Yatgo ho yan aka Yige Hao Ren aka No More Mr Nice Guy aka SuperChef). That he's now one of Hollywood's foremost martial arts stars has less to do with this film than with the Rush Hour movies, the first of which he made the year after this picture opened. But if Mr Nice Guy did little to spread the word about Hong Kong's king of kick-ass, it's a nice enough example of the little master's brand of gag-heavy action cinema.

Repo Man
(1984) Alex Cox's debut feature is an offbeat fantasy satire of Reagan's America, which is now considered a cult classic.Offbeat fantasy cum satire of Reagan's America from the unique creative mind of Alex Cox. Stars Emilio Estevez and Harry Dean Stanton as car repossessors, getting into scrapes and entangled in conspiracies
Repo Man What is it with Alex Cox, cult director and film buff extraordinary? He looks as if he'd like to be up there with his idols Welles and Buñuel, but his movies remain closer to Jim Jarmusch and Roger Corman. Whatever the problem, the potential of his blackly satiric take on American culture has never been realised, and this chase through urban chaos remains his best movie.

Jump Tomorrow
(2001) A gorgeously sweet-natured, romantic road movie.A gorgeously sweet-natured, romantic road movie. An unassuming Nigerian-American shys away from his arranged marriage and falls for a friendly young Spanish woman he meets at an airport in New York
A playful, endearing comedy, Jump Tomorrow follows the fortunes of Nigerian-American George (Adebimpe) over the three-day lead-up to his arranged marriage. Having not seen his intended, a childhood friend, for several years, George is nonplussed about the big day. At least until he encounters Gerard, a scruffy, demonstrative, middle-aged Frenchman at the airport. George was supposed to meet his fianceé, but got the wrong day, while Gerard is saying farewell to his girlfriend, who rejects his marriage offer and jumps on a plane. George also has a brief encounter with the effusive, friendly Alicia, a Spanish girl who borrows a pen, invites him to a party and leaves George smitten.