Film Four & Film Four +1 28-03-08.

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The Common Touch
(1941) Geoffrey Hibbert plays an 18-year-old with a social conscience who takes control of the family's business and clashes with a corrupt manager.Teen tycoon Geoffrey Hibbert comes to the aid of the homeless in this surprisingly entertaining WWII social drama from Love On The Dole director John Baxter
Concerns about the gap between Britain's haves and have-nots are nothing new. John Baxter's noble social drama, The Common Touch, proves that. Made in 1941 (the same vintage as Love On The Dole - the director's finest work), it highlights the plight of the nation's homeless, castigates the corruption and greed endemic in big business and dreams of a socialist utopia.

The Kidnappers
(1953) When their grandfather refuses to buy them a pet dog, two orphaned brothers decide to 'adopt' an abandoned baby that they find in the woods.An exceptional children's movie from the 1950s about two orphaned brothers who, starved of affection, adopt an abandoned baby as their pet
Two children find a baby girl abandoned in the woods and keep her as a pet. It's hard to imagine a more provocative premise for a film in this day and age. But The Kidnappers was made back in 1953 when a finger of fudge was full of Cadbury goodness, and juvenile delinquents were kids who played a bit too hard at conkers. Set in 1904, Philip Leacock's lauded family drama is precisely about youthful innocence in a bygone age.

The Jungle Book
(1942) Classic version of Kipling's Mowgli stories starring Sabu as the young Indian boy brought up by wolves in the jungle.A feral child raised by wolves returns to his human family and sparks off a battle between nature and mankind. Action adventure starring Sabu, Joseph Calleia and John Qualen, and directed by Zoltan Korda
The Jungle Book Although most viewers will be aware of Walt Disney's animated version of Rudyard Kipling's classic or the politically correct live action remake released in 1994, there's a chance you might have missed the superior live action Jungle Book which was released in 1942.

One Fine Day
(1996) Michelle Pfeiffer and George Clooney are the two single parents juggling life and love in this likeable, thoroughly modern romantic comedy.Michelle Pfeiffer and George Clooney elevate this formulaic, but likeable romantic comedy on the pressures of modern day 30-something existence
A cute, old-fashioned romantic comedy with modern accessories.

Transporter 2
(2005) Frank Martin is back as the Transporter, who'll take anything anywhere, no questions asked, for the right money.Jason Statham reprises his role as the inscrutable driver in this action movie written and produced by Luc Besson
The opening shot of Transporter 2 consists of a shiny Audi sitting in an underground car park, with neon reflecting off of its curves. It's a scene that recalls a time when Luc Besson was at the forefront of a loosely recognised movement (sometimes dubbed "le cinéma du look") of young French filmmakers, along with Jean-Jacques Beineix, making films such as Subway which combined Hollywood and advertising imagery with their superficial glamour, thrills and escapism.

9th Company
(2005) Russian war film based on the true story of a company of soldiers isolated in the mountains during the disastrous 1979-1989 Afghan war.Russian war film based on the true story of a company of soldiers isolated in the mountains during the disastrous 1979-1989 Afghan war
The Soviet campaign in Afghanistan ended in 1989 with ignominious defeat and withdrawal having cost (according to conservative Soviet estimates) 15,000 soldiers' lives with another 500,000 sick and injured. Meanwhile, two million Afghan combatants and civilians are said to have died. It was, as US sponsors of the Afghan resistance forces had hoped, "the Soviet Vietnam".

Fast Times at Ridgemont High
(1982) Amy Heckerling's riotous comedy about a group of Californian teenagers into malls, sex and rock 'n' roll (but definitely not school).Quaint early excursion into the high school genre written by Cameron Crowe and directed by Amy Hecklering. Stars young Sean Penn and Jennifer Jason Leigh
Based on an investigative book by then journalist Cameron Crowe, this film features the usual assortment of high school kids thinking about little other than how, with whom, when and where to get laid.