Film Four & Film Four +1 30-03-08.

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Blast from the Past
(1999) A family mistake an airplane crash for a nuclear explosion and lock themselves into their fallout shelter for three decades.Brendan Fraser, Alicia Silverstone and Christopher Walken lead an inventive culture-clash romantic comedy. Having spent his entire life in a nuclear fallout shelter, 35-year-old Adam Webber stumbles out into modern America
Blast From The Past Blast From The Past is an intriguing take on the old fish-out-of-water premise, and one that develops into a sly social satire. It opens in 1962 when the Cuban missile crisis has scientist Calvin Webber (Walken) believing America to be on the brink of annihilation. Then a plane falls on his house. Convinced it's the big one, he and his pregnant wife (Spacek) retreat to their fallout shelter where their son Adam (Fraser) is born and raised in a world that's forever 1962. Thirty-five years later it's deemed safe to venture out and though Adam swiftly realises apocalypse has been avoided, modern LA is no less of a hostile wasteland.

The Spy in Black
(1939) Classic espionage thriller starring Conrad Veidt as a First World War German submarine commander-turned-spy who is sent to the Orkneys.During WWI, a German naval officer comes to the Orkneys to meet an agent and plan a U-boat attack on the British fleet. But who is tricking whom? Powell and Pressburger's first film, starring Conrad Veidt
With such films as 1943's The Life And Death Of Colonel Blimp, 1946's A Matter Of Life And Death and 1948's The Red Shoes, Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger are among the most successful filmmakers Britain has ever produced. Their winning partnership began with The Spy In Black, a film set during World War I but very much capturing the tensions felt in Britain in 1939 on the cusp of World War II.

The Tall Men
(1955) Rousing action Western starring Clark Gable and Cameron Mitchell.
By the time he made this spectacular western Walsh had been making movies for well over 50 years and presented a superficially no-nonsense cattle-drive adventure. But the period is just after the Civil War and the Allinsons (Gable, Mitchell) are from the defeated South, now determined to make a new life. They join Stark (Ryan) a Northern businessman on a cattle drive. The further complication is a rivalry over a woman (Russell). The blend of superbly handled action - including a stampede - with some sharp dialogue (especially between Gable and Russell) is complimented by the underlying tension and a complicated resolution when neither side 'wins'.

The Muse
(1999) Director Albert Brooks also stars as a successful Hollywood scriptwriter who hits writer's block.Hollywood satire in which Sharon Stone provides divine inspiration to struggling screenwriter Albert Brooks. Suitably riddled with high profile cameos
Though never a prolific director, Albert Brooks (Modern Romance, Lost In America) is well deserving of his reputation as one of America's most incisive comic talents. Here he presents a showbiz satire that's somewhat slow, but reliable entertaining.

(1999) Robert 'Mac' MacDougal is one of the finest art thieves in the world and Virginia 'Gin' Baker, an insurance company agent who plans to trap him.Glossy big-budget techno-thriller tosh which once again serves up a grizzled old man and a pouting young beauty as an apparently feasible screen coupling. Ancient thief Connery teams up with a lithe upcomer Zeta-Jones to pull off a high-tech scam amid an array of suitably futuristic gadgetry. Notable for its central setpiece in which Ms ZJ balletically pirouettes her way through a criss-crossing maze of laser beams in a leotard to the grumpy delight of her crotchety tutor. Sadly, if that doesn't grab your fancy, then there's little else here to engage the interest.

(2000) Geoffrey Rush stars as the Marquis de Sade, imprisoned in the Charenton Asylum for the Insane for his scandalous writings and behaviour.Gothic melodrama with the mad, bad Marquis De Sade fighting for artistic freedom and writing in blood. Camp comedy, immorality, an all-star cast... it's Carry On Coprophilia
Quills You would expect a dramatisation of the life of the man who gave his name to sadism to be filled with blood, whips and ingenious uses of consumer durables. Kaufman, however, has used Sade's final days at Charenton Asylum as a chance to champion the indomitability of the artistic spirit. His quills removed, the author of some of the dirtiest books ever written does whatever it takes to continue to write, even if it means using his own blood.

Withnail and I
(1987) The drink and drug-fuelled misadventures of two struggling actors during the last months of 1969. A true classic
"We just ran out of wine. What are we gonna do about it?" Two unemployed actors go on holiday by mistake, in this classic British comedy
"Withnail And I touches a chord in people" says Ralph Brown, aka Danny the Dealer. "It makes people feel sad while making them laugh." It couldn't have been otherwise: for a so-called 'comedy', Withnail (and just about everybody connected with it) has been on the end of some of the unfunniest treatment imaginable.