SIA Praises DBS Carriage Rules

A D.C.-based satellite TV group praised the Federal Communications Commission's order released last week that provides for a phased-in mandate for carriage of local HD signals.

The Satellite Industry Association said in a statement that the four-year approach for DBS delivery of HD local channels in markets served by a provider recognizes "the unique technological and operational realities" of small dish services.

"A four-year, phase-in process from the digital transition gives DBS operators time to come into compliance with the FCC's rules, while preserving service to consumers and allowing satellite operators to continue to provide a competitive alternative to cable," said SIA board chair Jennifer Manner.

Under the FCC carry-one, carry-all rules, local HD channels can be placed into service during a four-year timeframe that begins after the nation's switch to digital TV, set for Feb. 17, 2009.