Ultra HD in 2011-2012 says Philips

It seems Ultra-HDTV, predicted to be a technology that’s 15-20 years off, could be with us by 2011, or even sooner.
Philips has just showcased in Lisbon its latest thoughts on consumer electronics equipment, in particular its 9000 Series LCDs which claim performance specifications even better than the Philips Aurea range of stylish high-end “ambilight” and active frame products.

But senior staffers at Philips suggest this is only the start. Danny Tack, a Philips marketing director, spoke enthusiastically about next generation TVs and in particular what might follow 1080p displays, helped by upscaled Blu-Ray discs, and the work being done by NHK engineers in Japan on 4K devices. Questioned on when the first 4K displays might appear, and Tack admitted not in the next two or three years, but “by 2011, 2012. In Japan it could be next year.”