Film Four & Film Four +1 01-04-08.

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The Girl Can't Help It
(1956) Musical starring Jayne Mansfield and a host of rock 'n' roll legends. Something of a classic.Musical starring Jayne Mansfield and a host of rock 'n' roll legends
The Girl Can't Help It Despite being hampered with a wafer-thin plot (a luckless press agent assigned to make a star out of the talentless girlfriend of a local hoodlum), and having one of the most shamelessly dumb gags ever (Jayne Mansfield, two milk bottles: that comedy writes itself ...), The Girl Can't Help It still emerges as something of a classic.

Three Came Home
(1950) Powerful and fact-based drama starring Claudette Colbert as Agnes Keith.Four years after directing this powerful and humane film about life in a p.o.w. camp, Negulesco directed Three Coins in the Fountain, which proves his talent and virtuosity. Colbert is quite superb as the writer Keith who in 1941 tried to escape from Borneo, only to end up with her family interned and ill-treated in a Japanese camp. Based on her autobiography the film presents an unblinking portrait of the deprivations endured and the conduct of the 'jailers' and their rigid commander (Hayakawa).

Destination Gobi
(1953) Richard Widmark is a US Navy Chief Petty Officer seconded to 'nanny' a group of Navy meteorologists observing weather in the desert.Richard Widmark leads a gaggle of stranded meteorologists through the treacherous Mongolian landscape in this unusual WWII adventure from director Robert Wise
Destination Gobi Few actors have done pissed off and sweaty as well as Richard Widmark. In Destination Gobi he gets to do both in spades.

The Pink Panther
(1964) The first outing for one of madcap genius Peter Sellers' most celebrated roles, Inspector Clouseau.The first outing for one of madcap genius Peter Sellers' most celebrated roles, Inspector Clouseau. Here, cinema's most ineffective detective bumbles along the trail of a mysterious jewel thief, looking everywhere but the right place
The Pink Panther This is the first and, along with its same-year 'sequel' A Shot in the Dark, the best of the eight Panther movies. The series obscured Edwards' later career as writer, producer, director and master of genres beyond comedy and musical, although in fact most of the subsequent work is quite wonderful.

Road to Perdition
(2002) Tom Hanks stars as the wronged enforcer of an ageing mob boss, played with great skill by septuagenarian screen legend Paul Newman.Sam Mendes follows American Beauty with this handsome adaptation of a renowned graphic novel. Tom Hanks stars as the wronged enforcer of mob boss Paul Newman
Tom Hanks as a stern father and grim mob enforcer? It's a long long way from Joe Versus The Volcano, heck, this guy even makes Hanks' Captain John Miller from Saving Private Ryan seem like a cheery chap. It's a challenging bit of casting, but Hanks, the skilled Hollywood Everyman actor, rises to the occasion, infusing his Michael Sullivan Sr with both a hard edge (only undermined by the actors' jowliness) and a quiet humanity.

Wicker Park
(2004) Paul McGuigan's remake of L'Appartement stars Josh Hartnett as Matthew, desperately searching Chicago for his lost love Lisa.Josh Hartnett, Matthew Lillard and Rose Byrne star in Paul McGuigan's psychological thriller. After catching a fleeting glimpse of his long-lost lover, banker Hartnett risks all in an attempt to track her down
Wicker Park After the promise and invention of Gangster No 1 and The Reckoning, director Paul McGuigan makes a clear bid for multiplex success with this slick and loose remake of sly French thriller L'Appartement.

(1999) Set in the near future, this political thriller centres around nuclear brinksmanship between Iraq and America.Cut off in a remote Colorado diner, the American president tries to avert a nuclear crisis in the Middle East. Thriller starring Kevin Pollack, and written and directed by Rod Lurie
Rod Lurie was a film critic before he became a writer-director. The former 'LA Times' and 'Empire' contributor (who famously described Danny DeVito as looking like "a testicle with arms") isn't the only critic to take this route. He has enjoyed more success than, say, Simon Braithwaite, another 'Empire' scribe who coughed up the unsatisfying Staggered or Bob McCabe, whose many great works, including a fine biography of Terry Gilliam, couldn't disguise the shortcomings of his celebrity chef debacle, Out On A Limb.