Mosley faces calls to quit

Former world champions speak out

FIA president Max Mosley is facing calls for his resignation after allegations concerning his private life surfaced in a national Sunday newspaper at the weekend.

The revelations have led prominent figures in Formula One to call for Mosley's head, including former world champion Jody Scheckter.

"There is absolutely no question in my mind Mosley should resign," Scheckter, who won the title for Ferrari in 1979, told The Guardian.

Three-times world champion Sir Jackie Stewart - whom Mosley labelled a 'certified halfwit' last year - added: "I just think he has to look very carefully at it (his role) and address his future."

However, F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone is of the belief that any decision is Mosley's alone to take - and that he should not pander to outside interference.

"What Max should do is what he thinks is right because it is only him that's involved, not the FIA," Ecclestone told The Times.

"He must do what he believes, in his heart of hearts, is the right thing."

Legal action

The 67-year-old has spent the last two days in consultation with his lawyers regarding the possibility of legal action against the paper concerned.

And, according to the FIA, Mosley is still scheduled to attend this weekend's Bahrain Grand Prix.

But Ecclestone voiced the opinion that the country's royal family - with whom Mosley is due to attend a function - might not welcome his presence.

"They wouldn't like it," he added.

An FIA spokesperson said: "The president of the FIA was scheduled to attend the Bahrain Grand Prix, although we are not aware of his latest plans.

"We understand his diary this week has primarily concentrated on meetings with his lawyers following a Sunday newspaper article.

"We have nothing to add on that matter. It is a private one between Max Mosley and the paper.

"However, we understand legal action is being looked at."

Mosley began his first term as president of the FIA in 1991, and alongside Ecclestone - who controls the commercial side of F1 - is the most powerful man in motorsport.

Now in his fourth term of office, his present tenure is due to expire in 2009, with Mosley recently refusing to rule out the prospect of standing once more for re-election.