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Leave Her to Heaven
(1945) Riveting film noir melodrama starring Gene Tierney as an irredeemably evil, possessive woman who resorts to murder.A young couple are slowly torn apart by jealousy. Noir thriller starring Gene Tierney and Cornel Wilde
With a name like Leave Her To Heaven, John Stahl's movie could only be a film noir. Adapted from the book by top thriller writer Ben Ames Williams, the picture is in fact a fine example of the form with top performances from genre stalwarts Gene Tierney (Night And The City) and Cornel Wilde (The Big Combo).

The Emperor's New Clothes
(2000) A quirky period drama, suggesting an alternate ending for one of history's most famous dictators.A quirky period drama, suggesting an alternate ending for one of history's most famous dictators. Ian Holm plays Napoleon Bonaparte, whose botched escape plan leads him into an unexpected new life
Director Alan Taylor's follow-up to 1995's bittersweet comic drama Palookaville inhabits a strange, occasionally awkward space between satirical comedy and period drama. Hijacking a central conceit that's been around since 'The Prince And The Pauper', the story asks what would have happened if, instead of dying in exile on the island of St Helens in 1821, defeated emperor Napoleon Bonaparte (Holm) escaped and attempted to regain the throne of France? And what if that attempt went spectacularly wrong?

The Drum
(1938) Alexander Korda's spectacular melodrama is set on the Northwest Frontier of India where young prince Sabu helps the British defeat his evil uncle.The natives threaten to overthrow their British masters in this Raj drama created by the Korda brothers and starring their prize discovery Sabu
Arguably the most politically incorrect of the Korda brothers' British Empire picture, few people are willing to champion The Drum in the same way as, say, Elephant Boy or their adaptation of The Jungle Book. Like those films, this rather unsavoury tale of knavish Indian natives stars Sabu, and, as such, it is worthy of your attention

Project X
(1987) Matthew Broderick stars as Jimmy Garrett, a trainee air force pilot assigned to teach chimps to use flight simulators.A young army intern becomes attached to the chimps being used in a top secret military project. Kids adventure movie starring Matthew Broderick and Helen Hunt
He's now famous for being married to Sarah-Jessica Parker and for taking Broadway by storm in 'The Producers'. But there was a time when Matthew Broderick was best known for playing cocky teenagers - this in spite of the fact that he didn't even make his movie debut until he'd turned 21. Already something a stage veteran (he first worked on the New York stage aged 17) by the time he came to Hollywood, it was Broderick's good fortune that his boyishness allowed him to play well beneath his years. So while he was 22 when he threatened global security in War Games and 24 when he starred in John Hughes's Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Broderick had notched up his quarter century when he was cast in Project X

The Transporter
(2002) After delivering an unspecified package to a villa in the south of France, US underworld transporter Frank finds himself hunted.After delivering an unspecified package to a villa in the south of France, US underworld "transporter" Frank finds himself hunted by both Triads and the law. Euro action adventure starring Jason Statham
Alright, so it's not up there with 'Gosh, that was a clever Jan De Bont film' or 'Blimey, Arnold Schwarzenegger was great as King Lear' on the scale of sentences you thought you'd never hear, but - you have to admit - the words 'Jason Statham is bloody marvellous in this film' are surprising.

Six Shooter
(2005) Award-winning short film from British writer-director Martin McDonagh.Award-winning short film from British writer-director Martin McDonagh.

Bright Young Things
(2003) Stephen Fry's directorial debut, based on Evelyn Waugh's Vile Bodies.Sex, drugs, dancing and jazz: Stephen Fry's directorial debut is an adaptation of 'Vile Bodies', Evelyn Waugh's inter-war satire on hedonistic young aristocrats
Bright Young Things In interviews to promote Bright Young Things, Stephen Fry drew parallels between his film and Trainspotting: both are literary adaptations which observe social cliques intent on pursuing personal pleasure, whatever the cost. Certainly the writer-director gives his first feature a rapid tempo, which is at odds with traditional notions of heritage cinema. The cast hurtle through a series of extravagant parties and soirees, the quick-fire editing and loud jazz conveying the sense of lives played out at a heady pace amidst the glare of photographers' flashlights.

The Cat's Meow
(2001) Charlie Chaplin and magnate William Randolph Hurst feud over the love of a young woman. Starring Kirsten Dunst, Eddie Izzard and Joanna Lumley.A notorious Hollywood rumour brought to life. Charlie Chaplin and magnate William Randolph Hurst feud over the love of a young woman. Kirsten Dunst, Eddie Izzard and Joanna Lumley star
"I just love movies, the universal language of morality, politics or any other thing I can put in their head." So says newspaper magnate and movie mogul William Randolph Hearst, stalking the deck of his enormous yacht while taking pot shots at seagulls. Hearst, one inspiration for Citizen Kane and producer of nearly 200 movies, is a fitting subject for cinephile director Peter Bogdanovich. After all, he once lived with Orson Welles.