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(1946) Fred McMurray plays a drifting cowhand given a job by rancher Anne Baxter to capture her escaped wild colt, Smoky, in Louis King's western adventure.

Dark Command
(1940) After his outstanding performance in John Ford's Stagecoach, John Wayne paired up with the other great director of westerns, Raoul Walsh.This action packed Civil War western pits badge-wearing John Wayne against ruthless gang leader Walter Pidgeon with Claire Trevor as the prize. Produced and directed by Raoul Walsh
It's 1860 and in the bustling town of Lawrence, Kansas, schoolmaster Will Cantrell (Pidgeon) is plotting his rise to power. "I'll be running Kansas yet," he tells his mother. "I'm going clear up to the top, but I'm not going for the climb or the view." The trouble is, there are really only two ways for Cantrell to legally attain the influence he craves. The first is to get elected as the town's marshal, and that post's just gone to honest cowpoke Bob Seton (Wayne).

The Ghost and Mrs Muir
(1947) Whimsical supernatural comedy with Rex Harrison as the ghost of a gruff sea captain, who haunts and then falls in love with Gene Tierney.Whimsical supernatural comedy with Rex Harrison as the ghost of a gruff sea captain, who haunts and then falls in love with Gene Tierney
The Ghost And Mrs Muir As haunted houses go, Gull Cottage is remarkably inviting. It's perched on the cliffs overlooking the sea and it's surprisingly cheap. There's just one problem: it's haunted by the ghost of a grumpy old sea captain Gregg (Harrison) who's none too pleased when the widowed Mrs Muir (Tierney) moves in to share his bedroom with him. Fortunately, she's beautiful enough to win him over and the unlikely pair fall in love. But when caddish writer Miles (Sanders) arrives and tries to sweep Mrs Muir off her feet, the ghost does the honourable thing and disappears.

The Way West
(1967) A group of pioneers make their way across the Oregon trail, led by a retired senator. Also starring Robert Mitchum and Richard Wildmark.An ambitious senator leads a band of settlers across the burgeoning United States in this western drama starring Kirk Douglas, Robert Mitchum and Richard Widmark
In 1947, Kirk Douglas and Robert Mitchum co-starred in one of the great film noirs, the Jacques Tourneur-directed Out Of The Past, aka Build My Gallows High. Twenty years later, the two celebrated toughs would re-team for The Way West. In the intervening period, Douglas enjoyed tremendous success as both an actor and producer - amongst many other things, he bankrolled and played the title role in Spartacus. Mitchum, by contrast, had appeared in lots of unremarkable movies, fought a thousand brawls, bedded a hundred starlets and served time for marijuana possession.

(2004) A hitman arrives in Los Angeles to do five hits in a night, with the unwitting help of a cab driver.A hitman arrives in Los Angeles to do five hits in a night, with the unwitting help of a cab driver. Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx star in this Michael Mann noir
Collateral Director Michael Mann's career has taken him into the life of Muhammed Ali for Ali and all the way back to the mid-eighteenth century Native America for Last Of The Mohicans, yet he is always drawn back to noir, with two men duelling as if they were two aspects of one soul. To the cop/villain dialectic of De Niro and Pacino in Heat and the cop/serial killer doppelgangers of Will Graham and Hannibal Lektor in Manhunter, we can now add Tom Cruise's hitman Vincent and Jamie Foxx's cab driver Max Durocher in Collateral, the strong versus the weak.

Sex, Lies and Videotape
(1989) Steven Soderbergh's feature wittily and perceptively examines the inhibitions and erotic impulses which control the lives of four people.Steven Soderbergh's feature debut concerns the shifting sexual attitudes and power structures of a group of four Americans, including James Spader and Andie MacDowell
Sex, Lies And Videotape Steven Soderbergh's feature debut Sex, Lies And Videotape took only eight days to write, cost less than $2 million to shoot, was the first big hit to come out of the Sundance Festival and features a career-making performance from Andie MacDowell.

(2002) Gerry and Gerry, driving through Death Valley, decide to leave the car and go for a hike.Final proof that the world's gone weird: the most difficult, ambiguous and baffling arthouse movie in years stars Matt Damon
Gerry The last time that the writer-director of Gerry worked with his co-writers-cum-stars was on the thoroughly conventional Good Will Hunting. Anyone who enjoyed that - and judging by the box office, many people did - will almost certainly hate Gerry, the most uncompromising American art house film in years.