Film Four & Film Four +1 05-04-08.

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The Girl Can't Help It
(1956) Musical starring Jayne Mansfield and a host of rock 'n' roll legends. Something of a classic.Musical starring Jayne Mansfield and a host of rock 'n' roll legends
The Girl Can't Help It Despite being hampered with a wafer-thin plot (a luckless press agent assigned to make a star out of the talentless girlfriend of a local hoodlum), and having one of the most shamelessly dumb gags ever (Jayne Mansfield, two milk bottles: that comedy writes itself ...), The Girl Can't Help It still emerges as something of a classic.

Blithe Spirit
(1945) Rex Harrison plays a writer who's haunted by his first wife and harangued by his second to solve his ghostly problem. Directed by David Lean.Vintage tale of romance and haunting from David Lean, based on the play by Noel Coward
David Lean's third feature served Noel Coward's witty supernatural comedy fairly well though, despite the Oscar-winning special effects by Tom Howard, it remains somewhat theatrical.

The Drum
(1938) Alexander Korda's spectacular melodrama is set on the Northwest Frontier of India where young prince Sabu helps the British defeat his evil uncle.The natives threaten to overthrow their British masters in this Raj drama created by the Korda brothers and starring their prize discovery Sabu
Arguably the most politically incorrect of the Korda brothers' British Empire picture, few people are willing to champion The Drum in the same way as, say, Elephant Boy or their adaptation of The Jungle Book. Like those films, this rather unsavoury tale of knavish Indian natives stars Sabu, and, as such, it is worthy of your attention

The Fighting Temptations
(2003) Cuba Gooding Jr and Beyonce Knowles star in this rousing comedy about creating a gospel choir from scratch in a conservative African-American community.Cuba Gooding Jr and Beyoncé Knowles star in this rousing comedy about creating a gospel choir from scratch in a conservative African-American community
The Fighting Temptations Not content with musical stardom both in and out of Destiny's Child, Beyoncé Knowles moved into celluloid with her turn in 2002's Austin Powers In Goldmember. Here she co-stars with Cuba Gooding Jr. But while this musical comedy directed by Briton Jonathan Lynn (My Cousin Vinny) has a lot going for it in Gooding Jr's boundlessly energetic lead performance and a soundtrack to die for, Beyoncé's bootylicious sex appeal fails to gel.

(2000) Christopher Nolan's Oscar-nominated, tricksy and original thriller is a straightforward revenge flick that goes backwards.Straightforward revenge flick that goes backwards. Then sideways. An audacious exploration of memory loss starring Guy Pearce, Carrie-Anne Moss and some stunning tattoos
Memento Essentially, Memento is a straightforward revenge flick with Pearce's Leonard tracking down the man who raped and murdered his wife. But this standard plot comes with an ingenious twist. Brain damage Leonard sustained during the attack has left him with the memory of a goldfish. He forgets conversations he had two minutes ago. He doesn't know if the man sitting next to him is his best friend or sworn enemy. He can't even remember if the bottle of Scotch he's clutching is to get him pissed or to bash over the head of his assailant. What assailant? Exactly.

Natural Born Killers
(1994) Oliver Stone's director's cut of this controversial and violent film, based on a story by a certain Quentin Tarantino.Highly energetic but heavy-handed satire of the media's complicity in violent crime. Oliver Stone directs this black comedy psycho road movie based on a story by a certain Quentin Tarantino
The film is the natural born successor to A Clockwork Orange, not only in its theme (the link between media and real-life violence), but in the way it was received. No other film since Kubrick's has spawned such hysterical reaction. Within two months of its release, ten copycat killings had been reported in America, and a vitriolic media frenzy brought the film a temporary ban in Britain.

Deep Red
(1994) Some people have alien nanotechnology in their bloodstreams - and one scientist is willing to kill to get a look at them...The collision of two solid sets of cliché - the film noir and the aliens-are-among-us thriller - makes for a diverting result. Biehn is a private eye hired to track down his client's missing husband - whom he finds protecting the door of his seedy hotel room with a flamethrower. People with 'reds', he says, are susceptible to immolation. Then two milkmen burst into the room - but, as bullets have no effect on them, they're probably not what they seem. It turns out that some members of humanity have alien nanotechnology in their bloodstreams - and a Nobel prize-winning scientist (de Lancie) is willing to kill to get a look at them. Cheaply made fun.