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Thread: Comment Ca Marche Le Sharing Sur Carte Sat

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    bonjour, à tous

    je suis à la recherche d'un tuto pour faire du sharing avec mon pc j'ai une carte pc sat Skystar 2 + progdvb j'aimerais avoir la marche a suivre
    J'ai Essayer Un tuto mais g rien compris es ce que quelq'un peux m'aider merci

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    English please!
    Tu dois poster dans french section pour avoir des reponses

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    ok i can speak ennglish its not big deal to me ok
    can you help me with my problem (configure gbox with dvb dream 1.4 f p1 )i have tryed many gbox and never could share with my freinds i configured the cwshare quite eficiently

    for exp:
    M: { rediu*****.org { ********* }}<----my dline
    D: { dline of my freinds ^^{ A5 A5 }}}}
    I: { 04 }
    N: { 01 01 03 3F 4000 6000 }
    W: { 01 01 01 } 1FFF
    X: { 05 }

    when i use gbox plugin (dll file with my dvb dream) when i start it into dvb dream the program close instantly and when i use a stand alone gbox (x86and gbox control)everything works great i mean that i see that my friend is sharing with me liek 300cards and that i am online with him (means that the connection is established) when i start dvb dream itt works when i choose a channel thats should decript ex canal+ or taquilla or sexview no change no decription
    so here is my question do i have to do a connection between dvb dream and gbox stand alone or could u give me a gbox that works fine (dll) or do i have to configure gboxcfg i have read all the tutorials and i know everything (i think i have) on gbox thanks for reading my long message and i hope that u'll respond for my message inchalah may gods bless you my brother!
    ps: i can speak also french

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