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    three dots

    When i turn on my humax 5400 on yhe display it used to show three dots and ra and then it would turn on now it only shows three dots only and then turns on.What does this mean did i do anything wrong?
    Thank You

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    Re: three dots

    I had twice that problem. In my case was due to a corrupted channel list. I uploaded a good channel list and everythings go back ok.

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    Re: three dots

    it's right the solution by cybor069...
    upload an updated channel list and problem is solved...

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    Re: three dots

    how do i upload a channel list i have never done it before, by the way i am new with humax Thank You

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    Re: three dots

    You can use HNFSmart by Nostromo, I'm noto sure about posting link here, so use Google to find it. Is easy, then download a Channel list and upload it using that program.

    Ask google for a channel upload tutorial..

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    Re: three dots

    Thank you my friend, i have hnfsmart but i dont know where to find a channel list for my humax. By the way does anyone know which settings to use for humax? Thank You

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