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Thread: BBC Prime or English channels through Viaccess

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    BBC Prime or English channels through Viaccess


    I am new here. I have Topfield 5400, Diablo light CAM with Stealth 2.33

    I was trying to receive BBC Prime on HotBird, 11116 V getting just subtitles and no picture and sound. I have checked the Viaccess keys and these seems to be correct:

    00A000 08 6926CA06E0FCDE39 ; BBC Prime 13E
    00A000 09 88A5B4154285BDD7 ; BBC Prime 13E
    00A000 0A 45C01B149712D665 ; BBC Prime 13E

    Is it possible to receive BBC prime still or these keys are old.

    Generally I want to receive english speaking channels (movies, family cahnnels, children channes). Which channels can I currently receive in Viaccess or other coding systems?

    Thanks a lot...

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    Re: BBC Prime or English channels through Viaccess

    You could receive may English speaking channels incluting BBC PRIME on THOR 1W the diablo clears something like 100 channels of the DIGI TV

    I program my Diablo light last night with stealh 246 i also load the latest keays
    works very well.

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    Re: BBC Prime or English channels through Viaccess

    hi m8 ,bbc prime is open on hotbird ,keys are already in softcam.

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