Into A Mass of Brass

Here we go again ... Off to the land of ribbons and stars, wing-tips polished to a high shine, acronyms that can turn your brain into silly putty, displays worthy of Battleship Galactica and parties that put the large in "largess."

Yep, we're going down to the 24th Annual Space Symposium, the Colorado Springs-based Space Foundation's annual meet-and-greet for the big, BIG bucks side of space. We're talking NASA and the United Space Alliance, the U.S. Air Force and Intelsat, Arianespace and SES, a handful of top politicos (think U.S. Senators and Congress-folk) plus regulators from the tippy tip of spacedom ....

So why is SkyBOX bumbling into this mass of brass? Well, besides the fact that we like the Broadmoor (and we know that the Space Foundation team, headed by Elliot Pulham, puts on a first class show), we've always been impressed by what we learn at the Symposium. Many of tomorrow's leading edge consumer technologies have their genesis in the military/government/big business side of space. GPS is the most obvious example, but satellite broadband, DTH services, global telecommunications and such are all very much under the space biz umbrella. At this particular show we think the sessions on Fostering Innovation, Operationally Responsive Space (gotta love some of these names) and When Worlds Collide might be of special interest. Plus, of course, we're interviewing SES New Skies CEO Rob Bednarek at this year's show. The man's responsible for a global web of what he has described as "one of the world’s youngest, most advanced and far-reaching commercial satellite communications networks broadcasting critical data, Internet content and television programming" ... and we'll be bringing you his views on what's coming next in next week's SkyBOX.