Film Four & Film Four +1 07-04-08.

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You Were Never Lovelier
(1942) Fred Astaire and Rita Hayworth are paired for the second time in their careers in this knock-out musical.Hayworth and Astaire were never the most obvious or comfortable of pairings, but they work out pretty well in this confection. She's the daughter of an interfering, rich and traditional Argentinean aristocrat (Menjou), feeling the pressure to get married from him and her younger sisters, who won't be allowed their own nuptials until she ties the knot. When American dancer Astaire appears on the scene, Daddy does not approve.

(1954) Fred McMurray plays Paul Sheridan, a detective assigned to the squad in pursuit of two armed bank robbers.

The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw
(1959) Having inherited a failing gunsmith business, a quintessential Englishman (Kenneth More) decides that the real market for his wares is the Wild West.Having inherited a failing gunsmith business, quintessential Englishman Jonathan Tibbs (Kenneth More) decides that the real market for his wares is in the Wild West. And after falling foul of both Cowboys and Indians, he finds himself conned into becoming the law man in the lawless town of Fractured Jaw, in this spoof Western which also co-stars Jayne Mansfield.

Heaven Can Wait
(1978) Snatched by an angel before his time, an American footballer returns to Earth in the body of a millionaire.Snatched by an angel before his time, an American footballer returns to Earth in the body of a millionaire. Starring Warren Beatty, who also co-scripted and co-directed
Heaven Can Wait Despite being based on a play that was first adapted for the screen as 1941's Here Comes Mr Jordan, Heaven Can Wait is a quintessentially 1970s Hollywood movie. The film reunited former superstar couple Warren Beatty and Julie Christie, who had starred together during that golden age of intelligent Hollywood masterpieces in McCabe And Mrs Miller (1971) and Shampoo (1975). By 1978, when Heaven Can Wait was made, the era was over, and while both stars were confirmed icons, their most prolific times and significant work was behind them. (Indeed, neither considered acting the most important aspect of their lives, and Beatty has only appeared in seven more films since.)

Boat Trip
(2002) Two straight friends in search of easy women accidentally book on to a gay cruise. Farce starring Cuba Gooding Jr and featuring Roger Moore.Two straight friends in search of easy women accidentally book on to a gay cruise. Unfortunate farce starring Cuba Gooding Jr and featuring Roger Moore
Boat Trip Somewhere in this embarrassing comedy is a vaguely credible comment about how gay culture can appear surreal to naive straight eyes. However, Boat Trip relies on the most simplistic shorthand for creating an on-screen gay scene: it's all buff men in chaps, high camp and cabaret, like outtakes from The Adventures Of Priscilla Queen Of The Desert. There's even a moment featuring an emotional queen singing 'I Will Survive' at the piano. Lacking the skill to make the point effectively, the film instead falls back on standard movie messages: ignorance can be easily alleviated; people who fall in love while labouring under an illusion can overcome the lie to live happily ever after.

The Sea Inside
(2004) Alejandro Amenabar's Oscar-winning drama is based on the life of Ramon Sampedro, played by Javier Bardem.The true story of a Spanish quadriplegic campaigning to get the law changed so that he may choose to end his life without recrimination for those who help him. Javier Bardem stars in this dramatisation from Alejandro Amenábar, director of The Others
The Sea Inside After his international success with The Others, Alejandro Amenábar could easily have gone to Hollywood to feed at the studio trough. Instead, he returned to Spain to create a beautiful, heart-wrenching work that will have you in floods of tears by the final quarter. Based on a true story, it might be easy to dismiss Mar Adentro as a 'disease-of-the-week' movie, were it not for Javier Bardem's incredible turn as Ramón Sampedro.

Jump Tomorrow
(2001) A gorgeously sweet-natured, romantic road movie.A gorgeously sweet-natured, romantic road movie. An unassuming Nigerian-American shys away from his arranged marriage and falls for a friendly young Spanish woman he meets at an airport in New York
A playful, endearing comedy, Jump Tomorrow follows the fortunes of Nigerian-American George (Adebimpe) over the three-day lead-up to his arranged marriage. Having not seen his intended, a childhood friend, for several years, George is nonplussed about the big day. At least until he encounters Gerard, a scruffy, demonstrative, middle-aged Frenchman at the airport. George was supposed to meet his fianceé, but got the wrong day, while Gerard is saying farewell to his girlfriend, who rejects his marriage offer and jumps on a plane. George also has a brief encounter with the effusive, friendly Alicia, a Spanish girl who borrows a pen, invites him to a party and leaves George smitten.