Sat Radio Companies Outline Support for Merger

The nation's two satellite radio companies approached Federal Communications Commission officials this week concerning their plans to merge operations, outlining outside support for the deal.

During the week, a representative from at least one company was back at the Portals pushing the proposed XM and Sirius combination. And the companies sent a filing to the agency detailing support for their merger.

Support came from the Parents Television Council, the League of Rural Voters, the Hispanic Federation and others.

The Parents Television Council said the merged company's pledge to provide a la carte programming choices and consumer control over content are positives.

"There is no question that greater control of graphic content, combined with giving consumers the ability to have some control over packages and pricing is in the public interest, and particularly to parents and families," the group said.

And the League of Rural Voters said a combined satellite radio entity "will be able to provide even more unique and diverse programming for rural audiences that are currently unavailable on traditional radio."

The Justice Department's antitrust unit cleared the merger deal between XM and Sirius on March 24.

The FCC is the final regulatory hurdle for the companies and their proposed combination.