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Thread: equidia on TPS

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    equidia on TPS


    I have to fix a Koan KSC-570 for a frind.
    H/W 12.01.A5 S/W V02.00.07 BL: V2.1.9v3 C.A: 2.2.4
    if i want to load the postit file (bm-8200ci_12.01.05_080304 bin) With KUP320 i get error

    Download start
    >> flas not ok. response_download_fail
    >> err: on STB -> PC

    what's the problem?


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    Re: equidia on TPS

    Hello change the boot for BL 2.19v4 :

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    Re: equidia on TPS

    It works for the files.

    But i can't resive Equidia?
    i have tune to ushuaia but nothing?

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