i am completely new to all this satellite stuf and will appreciate any info or questions answered.

1, i have a he@d 2500 i have no idea how i can update the firm ware , what programe to use , where to find the latest up date etc etc do i need a cable to interface between my laptop and satbox?? i did say i was a complete noob to this :)

2, if i update the firmware will i have to stop hunting the internet for premier keys or will i have to keep manualy imputing them.

3, when i orginaly got my sat box all premier channels where there but i seem to have lost loads of them, i have played around with the channel search and just made it worse i think. anyone have any idea or could help me search and store all german channels from preier and also uk free to air channels from astra 282.

4, any other info you bunch of experts think i might need. but please make it simple untill i learn all the jargon :)

thx very much