Hi Everyone,

Is there such a thing as a "file structure document" for the Dreambox 500S that tells novices what folders are used for what, and also where to put keys, games, images and other customisable softwares and files? (When i was modding my Motorola V3 phone there was a file structure document that was very helpful to assist in understanding what goes where).

Also please could someone tell me what the difference is between the following 2 folders that are located on my DM500S:

/VAR ........and........ /VAR_init

I have both these on my DM which is set up (somehow) for file sharing of Keys from the internet. I'm not sure how as i purchased the box in China and it was already set up so all i had to do was plug in to the internet and surf the channels. Both directories have the same sub folders and also had constant.cw and SoftCam.key files in them.

I recently copied the latest keys from this site in to the /VAR/KEYS/ directory and it now lets me watch some of the channels without being connected to the internet but not all of them. If i plug back in to the internet then i get all the other channels. I used DreamBox Control Center software to copy Keys to the DMB.

I also read about the PWKEYS_212 which also seems to be a key server sharing application. Does anyone know if this can work with DM500S connected via a Router or does the PC and DMB have to be connected directly to each other? Do I need to use a LAN X-over or Direct cable? Do I have to choose the Key file servers or are they automatically taken care of by the software?

Thanx for any advise on the above.