PDI-SAT Scores Deals with Hoteleguide, MDU Management

PDI-SAT, a Master System Operator for DIRECTV and an equipment hardware provider for the servicing of multiple dwelling units (MDUs), announced that it has entered into a distribution agreement with Hoteleguide for the provision of channel guide services.

PDI-SAT also said it added MDU Management to provide remote management for SMATV head end systems. As part of the effort, the companies are pushing the Head End Management System (HEMS) product, designed to give operators remote access to a head end in order to reboot receivers, change channels, or inspect the video quality, all via the internet.

PDI-SAT said the agreements will allow the company and its worldwide system operator network to offer expanded services in addition to the PDI SMATV Head End Systems they currently provide to properties such as hotels, hospitals, resorts and institutions. These products can be integrated into new PDI-SAT pre-built head end system designs or retrofit on existing properties, the company said.