Telenor 5 goes live

Telenor 5 goes live During this week Telenor will be switching its Thor II clients seamlessly onto new family member Thor 5.

In-orbit testing wrapped last week and the satellite is now at its designated and co-located home of 1 deg West with the rest of the Telenor/Intelsat capacity. Thor 5 launched from Baikonur on Feb 11. Built by Orbital Sciences, Thor 5 is now being operated by Telenor’s own satellite telemetry and management team.

Thor 5 is a powerful beast with a claimed three-fold increase in overall payload power, spread to its 24 active transponders, and also allows much greater expansion opportunities into what some observers describe as the “new DTH battleground” of Central and Eastern Europe.

Cato Halsaa, MD at Telenor Satellite Broadcasting said everyone was extremely pleased with the operation test results. “This new capacity will provide our customers with a high quality service and potential growth for future expansion requirements”.