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Thread: ProgDVB , version 4x 0r 5x

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    ProgDVB , version 4x 0r 5x


    I see there are two versions currently on offer. Version 4x has been solid for me, especially on Vista, and is still updated.

    But there is also version 5x, of course needing Microsoft net. But from what I can tell, both versions look pretty much identical.

    Can anyone tell me if Version 5x is better, or are they basically the same.


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    Re: ProgDVB , version 4x 0r 5x

    the biggest difference between these two versions is not in the funktions, its in the compatibility and speed.

    i use Win Vista x64 Ultimate and the 4x Version do not run anymore.
    this is the reason why i ve to change to 5.x

    another well playn' toy is the skin funktion with 5.x
    this is cause if u write programs based on MS .NET you also use the .NET controles and these are free to design

    another point is the multiprozessor future which comes directly with .NET
    if you ve a Core²Duo or Core²Quad or even an Extrem Model the Core Controle will be done by .NET
    if you use ProgDVB4.x you can see with extendet taskmanagers like everest or SLT that the progdvb.exe as prozess rans twice ;) packed in one prozess...
    so you need more minerals for the same enduserspeed.

    so its just a thing of performance, newer technologies and Skins/Styles.
    nothin' to do with funktions

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