Film Four & Film Four +1 16-04-08.

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1.00pm The Day Will Dawn (U)

1942 Thrilling World War Two adventure about a journalist who's sent to occupied Norway by the British authorities. He's assigned to help the RAF sabotage an important German U-boat installation, and enlists the help of a local girl to aid his endeavour. However, the plan goes awry, leaving him in the hands of the enemy and sentenced to be shot. Hugh Williams, Griffiths Jones, Deborah Kerr and Ralph Richardson head the top-drawer cast (888)

3.00pm I Was a Male War Bride (U)

1949 Suave French soldier Cary Grant is horrified to discover the only way he can accompany his new American officer wife Ann Sheridan back to the USA is by posing as a woman. Howard Hawks' classic comedy, with Marion Marshall and Randy Stewart (888)

5.10pm The Siege at Red River (PG)

1954 A Confederate secret agent lays his hands on a shipment of guns, but before he can do anything with them, he is betrayed by a former comrade and left fighting for his life behind enemy lines. Reasonable Western set during the American Civil War, starring Van Johnson, Joanne Dru and Richard Boone (888)

6.55pm The Deep End of the Ocean (12)

1999 A family grow frantic at the disappearance of their son only to find him living in the same town a decade later. Drama, featuring a typically fine performance from Michelle Pfeiffer. Treat Williams, Whoopi Goldberg and Jonathan Jackson co-star

9.00pm Monster-in-Law (12)

2005 An unlucky-in-love woman thinks she's finally landed on her feet when she meets the hunk doctor of her dreams. But his mother proves to be an overprotective nightmare who's convinced the blushing bride is Miss Wrong and hatches a plan to drive her away. Romantic comedy, starring Jennifer Lopez, Jane Fonda and Michael Vartan (888)

11.00pm Naked (18)

1993 Mike Leigh's controversial drama taking a bleak and uncompromising look at Nineties life. David Thewlis stars as the ultimate angry young man, a highly intelligent dropout and rapist who leaves his northern home and travels to London, where he proceeds to antagonise everyone he meets, forcing them to question their whole existence. With Katrin Cartlidge, Lesley Sharp and Peter Wight (888)

1.30am Happy-Go-Lucky Preview A look at Mike Leigh's new comedy-drama, introduced by the director and star Sally Hawkins

1.40am American Splendor (15)

2003 Acclaimed comedy drama, based on the comics by Harvey Pekar charting his mundane but surprisingly complex life. Paul Giamatti stars as Pekar, who becomes inspired to put pen to paper after an encounter with famed artist Robert Crumb. He soon acquires a following, which leads him to a relationship with fan Joyce Brabner (Hope Davis). The film successfully captures the comics' sardonic humour and cleverly mixes fact and re-creation, with the real Pekar and Brabner chipping in to comment on the presentation of their lives (888)