Hicks makes Rafa contract vow

Liverpool co-owner would extend boss' deal by one year

Liverpool co-owner Tom Hicks would offer manager Rafa Benitez a one-year contract extension if he were to gain George Gillett's stake in the club.

Speaking exclusively to Sky Sports News, Hicks publicly blasted chief executive Rick Parry's tenure at Anfield, labelling it a 'disaster'.

Hicks went on to admit that his relationship with fellow co-owner Gillett - with club ownership split 50-50 between the two Americans - has now completely broken down.

And Hicks has vowed that his top priority if Gillett were to sell to him would be to extend Benitez's current Anfield deal.


"If I were to buy George out, the first thing I would do is offer Rafa a one-year extension to make sure he is going to be here up to when we get the stadium," Hicks exclusively told Sky Sports News.

"Hopefully we could have some success and then extend him again.

"Rafa and the players have their heads down. They are playing great. We communicate regularly. I know he feels comfortable with the way things are going.

"I think we will continue to have success. I think Rafa has unique skills, he motivates the team and we have some great players who are learning how to play with each other."


On last year's meeting with Jurgen Klinsmann over replacing Benitez at the helm, Hicks added: "George became good friends with him (Klinsmann) a year ago.

"I get this call from George out of the blue in which he says 'have your people do their research on Klinsmann'. He and Rick set up the meeting in New York. I did go to the meeting along with my son Tom.

"Rick Parry had already met with Jurgen alone for a couple of hours when we arrived. We all then spoke to him for another four hours.

"Afterwards I told the truth to a reporter who asked the question and suddenly it is 'Tom Hicks tried to get Jurgen Klinsmann'. George initiated it but we all participated."