Musey Closer to Everest Goal

After a nearly two-week trek carrying supplies through the Khumbu region of Nepal, Armand Musey and eight fellow climbers have reached base camp at 17,500 feet to begin final preparations for their ascent of Mt. Everest.

Musey, known in industry circles for his work as a securities analyst in the telecom and satellite businesses, is climbing Mt. Everest as a personal goal and to raise funds for the American Red Cross' International Response Fund. In reports via satellite phone to colleagues in the U.S., Musey said about 20 different climbing groups are amassed at the base came on the southern approach to Mt. Everest, creating a small tent city of some 400 climbers and their Sherpa guides.

By Friday, Musey and his team will begin their trek to Camp 1. From there they will return several times to base camp, both as part of their continued acclimatization and also to bring supplies for the next push to Camp 2.

To date, Musey has secured pledges to the Red Cross nearing $50,000 from a number of satellite industry firms in support of his climb. These include contributions of $15,000 each from SES and Intelsat.