Viaccess CA for French TNtop DTT offer

April 18, 2008 – 08:58 BST

The French company Vest@vision said it had chosen Viaccess CA for its TNTop offer of premium channels on the DTT platform. Subscribers will be equipped with the TNtop package which contains the TNtop STB, compatible with MPEG-4 HD, a smart card secured by Viaccess and a remote control. The equipment is fully compatible with the future DTT HD channels.

Charles Bornot, Vest@vision CEO, said in a prepared statement: “Our offer is based on an innovative business model never used in pay TV in France (the terminal must be purchased by subscribers), such model showed its efficiency in the other countries (UK and Scandinavian countries notably).”

The UK’s TopUp TV company owns 75% of Vest@vision.