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Procedure x dead clone

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I have built the jtag with an a parallel door to 25 pins and I have followed the connections of the zip using
5 resistances from 100 ohms.
I have used an old pentium 2 350 on motherboard asus p2b. Parallel door settata on ecp+epp in the
bios, not to use interrupt in management peripheral / hands parallel on Xp (sp2).
I have used the software present jtag nelpacchetto (that for 7000 to intend us).
The file present blimg in the briefcase jtagwin, must be replaced with the bootloader alps renamed in blimg.
Greatest difficulty is to make to turn on the key write nbel software, and that is to connect with jtag.
It is necessary to try a lot of times, connecting the feeding of the dream just pressed the key you connect.
It is worthwhile sfilarfe as soon as the spinotto, to press connnetti and to insert him/it.
Insisting, it will become the key active write and you will be able flashare the bootloader.
At the end, it is necessary to extinguish and to use dreamup to reload the image.
To verify that the parallel door he is not impallata, he is able' to take nearby to reference the led
to the tuner, that if it is ok, the it will turn on with weak light.
at the end of the flashaggio and relative loading of the new image, I have found with ilmac
address to 00:00:00:00:00:00 (this depends on the file bootloader_alps that I have used).
In this condition the dream works in lan but it didn't go out out of the local net not succeeding himself/herself/itself
to connect to internet.

I have obviated creating a called file init in var / etc which he occupies to change the mac address to
every start of the image:

#!/bin / sh
ifconfig eth0 down hw ether 00:09:34:10:12:AA
ifconfig eth0 up
In this way you/he/she has wandered the obstacle.
If I/you/he/she were it ever turns on during the operations, it suits you to restart the pc.

Good luck

thanks beasty for test

back33 & beasty for info

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