Webber - Tough at the top

Red Bull driver says team are making progress

Red Bull may have the perfect recipe for success, however, Mark Webber concedes that does not mean they are going to taste it this season.

Despite being a well-funded team with a great designer in Adrian Newey and two experienced drivers in Webber and David Coulthard, Red Bull still find themselves running around the midfield with very little signs of a podium finish, never mind winning a race.

There have been moments of promise, though, with Webber finishing on the podium at the Nurburgring last season. And the Aussie came close again in China before being bumped out the race by STR's Sebastian Vettel.

This year's championship has also gotten off to a solid start for Webber, who has bagged two seventh placed finishes in three races.

However, he concedes the gap between seventh and third, never mind seventh and first, is still a very big one that Red Bull will need time to close.

Tough business

"We are in a really tough business. It is very difficult to get to the front, to beat the established teams," Webber told the official F1 website.

"There are indications that we have closed the gap a little bit to the front teams but we are still in the same position. The overall lap times have been a little closer to Ferrari, McLaren and BMW and still we do not move further up.

"That is very disappointing but it is evidence that the sport is getting even more competitive. Looking at BMW, they are the most improved team at least over the last two to three years. They have done an amazing job."

However, aside from BMW, no other team has really made a big step forward, although one has actually done the exact opposite.

"All the other teams have more or less stayed at the same position with the exception of Renault," said Webber. "They had a tough time when Fernando (Alonso) left.

"Everybody thought that it was (Giancarlo) Fisichella and (Heikki) Kovalainen but of course the car is so important and Fernando is facing a hard job this year.

"It is very easy to look very average. We are looking not too bad, but so are three or four others."