The Top 10 Growing Pay-TV Markets? Look Globally

Where in the world are the strongest markets for pay-TV services, including satellite TV?

Last week, research firm NSR released data that scrutinizes 10 "highly dynamic and promising countries" around the globe. The markets showing solid pay-TV promise are developing nations Brazil, Czech Republic, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Turkey and Vietnam.

The NSR report concluded that the 10 pay-TV markets combined are expected to generate $13.5 billion in 2015, up from $4.3 billion estimated for this year.

Overall, pay-TV services globally have exhibited tremendous upswings during the past two decades, driven by economic growth and increasing levels of disposable income, the firm said. And given the current global economic slowdown, particularly in the more traditional pay-TV markets, emerging markets have become attractive havens of investment for some.

"Indeed, all 10 countries included in the study are expected to exhibit positive economic prospects over the next several years," said Jose del Rosario, senior analyst for NSR and author of the report. "And as a basic criterion along with a population that has high TV penetration in households, the economic front certainly appears solid in the analysis of DTH prospects in these markets."

There is a lot of opportunity globally for satellite TV, Rosario said. "The success of DTH against cable in particular has been the quality of the DTH TV viewing experience, as well as the narrowing price gap with cable," he said.

"However, there are other elements that DTH players need to consider, such as the need to address technological, economic, regulatory and market changes in order to gain and tap opportunities in these countries," Rosario added.