Swisscom to launch Bluewin TV mobile

April 21, 2008 – 08:11 BST

Swisscom has said it will launch Bluewin TV mobile on May 13. The mobile version of the TV service of the incumbent telecoms operator will use a DVB-H network.

Bluewin TV mobile will cost CHF16 (€9.94) a month or CHF2 per day day and provide customers with mobile access to 20 channels, including the public services SF1 and TSR1 and commercial broadcasters such as Eurosport. The service will feature an electronic programme guide (EPG) and other additional services.

At the moment, DVB-H in Switzerland reaches 44% of the population. Customers in and around Basel, Berne, Geneva, Zurich and Lausanne will be able to receive UEFA Euro 2008 football coverage with a DVB-H enabled handset.

If viewers are outside the DVB-H coverage area or don’t possess a DVB-H enabled handset, they will be able to receive Bluewin TV mobile on the Vodafone live! portal using UMTS/EDGE, which covers 99.8% of the population.