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Thread: Help, romanian packages!!!!!!!

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    Help, romanian packages!!!!!!!

    :( Is enyone here who can help me with romanian channels from Intelsat 10-02 & Thor? I have a SS2 and i need to decrypt DigiTV or Focussat packages. Please help me! In all the romanian forums is forbidden to chat about that. My e-mail adress is [email protected] Thanks! :p

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    Re: Help, romanian packages!!!!!!!

    First of all on a SS2 it is not public working known-encryption of the romanians. Digi TV has a n*gra2 sistem of work, similar to P*remiere W*rld in Germany. That means that the subscription-CARD are "twin" with a subscribe-registrated receiver. The same do the roamanians.
    Focus-SAT is new "on trip". It will be during a while, till somethig happen with hacking. This package give maybe in the future the posibility of hack because they use a c*nax system. Well done, we need first the aferent keys to them ...!

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