DIRECTV Updates on DTV Transition Efforts

DIRECTV recently informed the Federal Communications Commission about its efforts to educate customers on the coming digital TV transition, an effort that includes bill stuffers, public service announcements and customer service help.

As part of the push, DIRECTV said it has provided customer service personnel with information, a list of frequently-asked questions and sample scripts that are connected to the digital TV transition. The company also said it has started training sessions for customer service representatives.

In addition, DIRECTV told the FCC that it has included information about the digital TV transition in monthly billing statements for customers. And the company said it is working with equipment manufacturers to include information on set-top boxes and over-the-air tuners concerning the use of that equipment after the DTV switch.

The digital TV transition is set for Feb. 17, 2009. DIRECTV's filing was part of a request from the FCC to inform the agency about efforts by pay-TV operators to educate customers about the coming changes.