Dutch MSO Casema buys pricing freedom

April 22, 2008 – 11:50 BST

Dutch MSO Casema, part of Zesko Holding, has agreed to pay the city of Alpen aan de Rijn €1.5 million in order to break a contract, which allowed the city to control Casema’s pricing. When the city sold the network to Casema in 2001, it kept control over the pricing of the basic cable product.

Over the past few years Casema tried a number of times to increase the subscription fees in the city, but was stopped each time because of legal action taken by Alphen aan de Rijn. By paying the €1.5 million, Casema has now bought pricing freedom.

Earlier this year, the municipality of Amstelveen had to pay 4 million euro to Casema, because it prevented the cabler to raise its prices.