Satellite a 1Q Winner for AT&T

Satellite TV generated another good quarter for AT&T, which sells DBS service in its territories.

The telco giant said its satellite TV subscriber numbers grew to 2.332 million at the close of the first quarter. That compares to 2.116 million for AT&T's satellite TV customer base at the close of 2007 and 1.684 at the end of first quarter 2007.

The total subscriber counts reflect customers that are under agreements with both DIRECTV and DISH Network. Late last year, AT&T said it would stop marketing DIRECTV sometime in the first quarter, and stick with DISH Network for the enrollment of new customers through 2009.

AT&T inherited the DIRECTV sales effort with its acquisition of BellSouth. DISH Network has been a partner with the company for some time.

The company's video connections, which include the U-verse service and bundled satellite TV offerings, increased by 264,000 in the first quarter to 2.6 million.

U-verse TV netted 148,000 new customers in the first quarter, reaching 379,000 at the close of the three-month period. The IPTV offering ended 2007 with 231,000 customers.