Comments on SkyFILES, "Less Bang for the Programming Block"

The argument of the a la carte advocates is based upon viewer complaints that they are paying for too many programs they don't watch. However, I find it mind-boggling that these advocates refuse to recognize the economic ramifications of their proposal. Or perhaps, as is the case with most "idealists", they don't care … just as long as they achieve their goals.

Although FCC Chairman Kevin Martin can see the folly of the a la carte programming proposal, it is obviously lost on the average American viewer. It basically comes down to educating viewers, which the looming digital TV transfer proves can be a formidable task. Viewers should be made to understand how the system works … that cable and satellite companies negotiate with each individual program provider. They negotiate a price which, when compared to the actual a la carte price, is only pennies on the dollar. And although cable and satellite providers may somehow find a way to offer smaller a la carte programming bundles, viewers should understand the cost for this programming would be much more expensive.