DISH Ready to Test Mobile/Satellite Technology

The No. 2 DBS provider has taken another step into the mobile world.

On Thursday, DISH Network said it is working with Alcatel-Lucent to test the DVB-SH (Digital Video Broadcasting - Satellite services to Handhelds) mobile broadcast technology in the United States. The evaluation will take place at DISH's laboratories in Atlanta between May and August.

The objective of the trial is to validate the performance and cost-efficiency of the DVB-SH standard, the companies said.

DVB-SH is an evolution of DVB-H and a mobile broadcast standard allowing for cost-effective mobile TV deployments. It can be used in any frequency spectrum below 3GHz and in terrestrial, satellite or hybrid networks, DISH said.

Said Nolan Daines, senior vice president of strategic initiatives for DISH Network, "Considering the global momentum of DVB-SH, we decided that performing a critical analysis of this new open standard was the right thing to do for DISH Network. We look forward to working in tandem with Alcatel-Lucent during this testing phase."