Film Four & Film Four +1 25-04-08.

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The Diamond Queen
(1953) In late 17th-century France, a master-jeweller miscuts a diamond meant for Louis XIV's crown and is thrown into prison.A jeweler's son is sent to darkest India to find a diamond for King Louis XIV's crown. Exotic action movie starring Fernando Lamas
It's long been said that a director spends his career remaking the same movie. This would certainly seem to be true of John Brahm who preceded The Diamond Queen with a string of movies about precious stones/valuable keepsakes and their subsequent theft. The Locket, The Thief Of Venice, pearl-smuggling pot-boiler Singapore - when it came to McGuffins, Brahm liked his bright and shiny.

The Left Hand of God
(1955) American flier Humphrey Bogart poses as a Catholic village priest in 1947 China after escaping from Chinese warlord Lee J Cobb.Humphrey Bogart stars as an American who gets caught up with a warlord and Western missionaries in China in the late 1940s. Edward Dmytryk directs
Left Hand Of God Both star Humphrey Bogart (then 56) and director Edward Dmytryk (47) had pretty interesting careers behind them by the time they made The Left Hand Of God together. The previous year the pair had worked together on The Caine Mutiny, which had resulted in a Best Actor Oscar nomination for Bogart and a Directors Guild Award for Dmytryk.

The Long Ships
(1963) Enjoyable all-action adventure starring Richard Widmark and Sidney Poitier.A viking and a Moorish chieftan hunt for a giant golden bell.
The Long Ships In the 'so bad it's good' category of movies, this is pure rubbish, but thoroughly enjoyable rubbish.

(1985) Three kids are obsessed with aliens and science fiction. Inspired by some strange dreams, they manage to build their own spaceship.Teenage friends Ethan Hawke, River Phoenix and Jason Presson are mysteriously provided with the technology needed for space travel. Junior science fiction from Joe Dante
Explorers Alongside The Goonies, also from 1985, Explorers is very much a teenage wish-fulfilment film. Kids dream of adventures involving pirate ships, treasure, space ships and aliens - and filmmakers like Steven Spielberg and Joe Dante knew just how to realise such dreams, writ-large on the 1980s big screen.

Alien vs Predator
(2004) When Charles Bishop Weyland's satellites detect a pyramid buried under the Antarctic ice, he assembles a team of scientists to investigate.An archaeological expedition to the Antarctic is reduced to chaos when the scientists become embroiled in a conflict between two savage extraterrestrial species. Science-fiction franchise clash directed by Paul WS Anderson
Alien Vs. Predator When an Alien skull cropped up in the Predator's trophy cabinet in Predator 2, it was a welcome moment of light relief. Aside from this fleeting gag, the two science fiction franchises have also clashed in numerous computer games, a comic-books and all manner of toys. With 2004's Alien Vs. Predator, the two behemoths go head-to-head on the big screen in a controversial saga-uniting exercise.

(1979) Spellbinding space thrills, starring Sigourney Weaver, Harry Dean Stanton, John Hurt and Ian Holm.The film that gave us the action heroine, in the shape of Sigourney Weaver's Ellen Ripley, and presented space travel as just another job. It's a tour-de-force of suspense, slasher antics and good old-fashioned sci-fi
Alien With Alien, Ridley Scott delivered more than just a memorable 'haunted house in space' campfire tale. He and screenwriter Dan O'Bannon used the monster as a Freudian symbol, launched a franchise that lasted for more than 20 years and set the unknown Sigourney Weaver en route to stardom.

(2004) In late 1960s Hong Kong a dissolute writer has a series of affairs while working on a futuristic sci-fi novel.In late 1960s Hong Kong a dissolute writer has a series of affairs while working on a futuristic sci-fi novel. Tony Leung leads Wong Kar-Wai's enigmatic but atmospheric successor to In The Mood For Love
2046 It took Wong Kar-Wai almost five years, comprehensive re-edits, lots of waiting and a whole heap of emotional turmoil to complete 2046.