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Thread: IP-BOX 9000 HD Tools

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    IP-BOX 9000 HD Tools

    FlashTools V1.0.2 inkl.USB Driver

    Flashtools V1.0.2 also USB Driver for IP-Box 9000 HD

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    Re: IP-BOX 9000 HD Tools

    Changelog PCEditor 1.2.46 Beta 7:

    - New: Support for CubeRevo-Mini
    - New: Removed Non-Unicode version
    - Fixed: SatcoDX import from generated SatcoDX files
    - Fixed: Sometimes existing satellites were not shown in LNB Edit
    - Fixed: Missing short name for channels when manually creating a new channel
    - Fixed: Deleting duplicate channels was impossible when using SID as criteria
    - Updated: PCEditor now supports SQLite databases up to version 3.5.8
    - Updated: Database satellite/transponder data for creating new database R5929
    Plus a few minor fixes

    Der Sortierfehler bei den Favoriten ist in dieser Version noch nicht behoben.

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    Re: IP-BOX 9000 HD Tools

    New skin for 9000HD
    by wolf1976 26.5.2008

    The skin is only Gray Scale based. The photos above are screen shot and they put the pictures on a pink background...only

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    Arrow Re: IP-BOX 9000 HD Tools

    PCEditor 1.2.46 Beta 9

    Changelog PCEditor 1.2.46 Beta 8:

    - New: Support for next database revision R7052
    - New: Create new database R7052
    - New: Update database R5929 to R7052
    - New: Flash CubeRevo images from hard disk
    - New: Sorting and grouping by second column for CubeRevo
    - New: Turkish language file
    - Fixed: Import of SatcoDX files version 103
    - Fixed: Some HD channels were not shown in PCEditor
    - Fixed: When drag/dropping channels, channel number is automatically updated now
    - Fixed: Value for "Dolby Default Out" was not saved
    - Fixed: When creating all_noboot backups, only kernel_root backups were created
    Plus a few minor fixes

    As there is not enough space left in "/tmp" on the CubeRevo/AB9000 HD for flashing
    all_noboot or kernel_root_db images, the image now can be copied to hard disk. Flashing is
    started from hard disk then. To achieve this, tick the checkbox "Flash from Hard disk"
    in the flashing dialog.

    The channel list for the CubeRevo/AB9000 HD can now be sorted by two columns. If you
    want e.g. to sort by provider and then channels within the providers, click on the
    provider column. Then hold the CTRL-key and click on the channel name column (service).

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