DISH Lists Exec Compensation

Late Friday, DISH Network came out with a Securities and Exchange Commission filing that detailed the company's upcoming annual meeting, set for June 5 at the DBS giant's headquarters in Colorado.

And, in traditional fashion, the document listed the annual compensation last year for executives at the company, including Chairman, President and CEO Charles Ergen.

According to the document from DISH Network, Ergen received compensation in 2007 that totaled $2.559 million. The compensation included a salary of $592,308, option awards of $1.412 million and other compensation of $554,232, stated the document.

As for other executives, Director and Vice Chairman Carl Vogel took in $3.282 million in compensation in 2007 from DISH, an amount that includes $498,077 in salary, $1.832 million in option awards, $935,198 in stock awards and about $16,000 in other compensation.

Michael Kelly, executive vice president of commercial and business services, earned compensation of $1.234 million in 2008. Bernard Han, executive vice president and CFO, took in $1.226 million in compensation.

At EchoStar Communications, the entity that was spun-off early in the year, President Mark Jackson took in $1.147 million in total compensation in 2007. Stanton Dodge, executive vice president and general counsel, earned $549,770 in compensation last year, stated the document.