Another Mission for Arianespace

Arianespace said it is preparing for the launch of two satellites - Skynet 5C and Turksat 3A - that will be part of a single mission scheduled for May 23.

One satellite, Skynet 5C, is the third satellite that will be launched by Arianespace for U.K.-based Paradigm, a military satellite telecom operator that delivers secure communications to military and government users.

Riding along with Skynet 5 on the Ariane 5 mission is Turksat 3A, a Thales Alenia Space-built spacecraft for Turkey's international satellite and cable operator. The satellite will enable Turksat to offer telecom services and direct video broadcasting over a broader area than its existing satellites. The satellite is equipped with 24 Ku-Band switchable transponders.

The effort will take place five weeks to the day after Arianespace's launch of the VINASAT-1 and Star One C2 spacecraft, both of which were lofted into orbit earlier this month.