DISH Launches Fiber Solution for MDUs

DISH Network on Monday launched a fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) satellite TV programming solution for multiple dwelling units (MDUs).

Called DISH Optical Network, the system has the capacity to deliver up to 400 high-def programming channels to each DISH Network subscriber via a single strand of fiber optic cable, the company said. The base system supports up to 128 subscribers within an MDU and is scalable to support thousands of customers.

Each subscriber within a DISH Optical Network MDU can have up to six standard DISH Network receivers, including a HD DVR. Brian Yohn, vice president of commercial services at DISH, said the system requires minimal wiring, is affordable and offers customers access to the complete DISH Network programming lineup.

The DISH Optical Network, which will be available in production quantities later in the year, expands DISH Network's distribution offerings for MDU customers. The company said its L-band solution works in a garden-style community while SMATV and QAM systems can be utilized for high-rise buildings and universities.