Ferrari want still more speed

Scuderia still wary of BMW and McLaren challenge

Despite three grand prix victories in a row and consecutive one-two finishes, Ferrari have vowed to up their game in order to produce the sort of performance advantage that even they might regard as satisfactory.

Describing the improvements that Ferrari introduced at Barcelona as "not enough", team boss Stefano Domenicali has warned that BMW and McLaren are "pushing like hell" and the Scuderia must follow suit in order to maintain their lead in both Championships.

"The pace will be very tight and the Championship is with us leading both, but it will be very, very long, believe me," he told Autosport.

Domenicali also cited the luckless fate of Nick Heidfeld, relegated to the back of the grid as a penalty for pitting for fuel during the Spanish GP, as an example of how quickly fortunes can change.

"Heidfeld was unlucky in a way with the conditions of the Safety Car, because he was forced to stop when he basically had no more fuel. So he had to pay a penalty and [if you] take the example that this may happen to us in a race then, what are you going to do? Are you going to be behind and lose some very important points?

"So this is why we really think that these results are very important. I don't know what the English equivalent is, but you bring the food at home and maybe you will use it when you need it."