Hi there

I have run into some trouble using my reciever with both a T-rex module and a original conax module.

My setup is a follows:
Reciever: Topfield TF7700HDPVR
Cam1: Conax Version 4.00e from 06/2004
Cam2: T-Rex 4.6 with Predator 3.66

i need this equipment to decode Viasat Scandinavia (Have official card) and Canal Digital (Also official card)

But when i insert both cams the conax cam is never working, in the cam menu i says Initializing.

I only need conax and nds to work, i have tried removing all other CAIDS from the T-Rex using Prededit, but it still fails, is there some way to completely remove all other encoding id but NDS from the T-Rex software ?

Please Help.

P.S. Does anyone know why the T-rex module won't decode Canal Plus HD (with official card, SD channels work fine)