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Thread: sky card

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    sky card

    can somebody tell me why my card dont work in diablo cam.all iget is no cards on this encryptsion but the card works insky box. all the cam settings are correct cards1 emu2 running firmware 248 and underworld 106 card reader twinbase version 2.2 auto pmt on emulaters on n2 off cw off debug of all cas off thanks for any help

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    Re: sky card

    It might have something to do with your Sky(box) NDS Key.
    Note I have no real clue but I think it worked out simmularly with the older Narga 1 System.
    In the nutshell it would be the "Marriage" Key between your Skybox and the Card itself.

    Having the Wireless Version myself I don't recall seeing any "option" to add this NDS Key, however I'm sure I've seen others here claiming to have such a system working on the Dragon\T-Rex CAM. Which, unlike the Daiblo I'm sure has such an option for the NDS Box Key.

    As always though you'll still need your Skybox to keep the Keys on your Card up-to-date...

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